Q : Can I transfer an existing domain name to Oryx Domains and what will the transfer cost?A : Yes you can! We do not charge anything to transfer a domain name from another registrar, but we require you to renew the transferred domain name for 1 year at least with Oryx Domains.

Q : Does Oryx Domains offer domains other than .NA?A : Unfortunately not at this stage. We are only a .NA registrar for now.

Q : Does Oryx Domains offer hosting services?A : Unfortunately not at this stage. We are a domain registrations only website for now.

Q : How does Oryx Domains deal with disputes?A : If any disputes arise please send an email to [email protected] explaining in detail what the dispute is about so we can deal with it accordingly.

Q : How long after my order has been places will my domain name be registered?A : Your domain name will be registered within an hour after your invoice amount reflects in our bank account.

Q : Is Oryx Domains a Namibian company?A : Yes, Oryx Domains is a 100% Namibian-owned company.

Q : Is Oryx Domains VAT registered?A : For now we are not, but we will be in the near future.

Q : What are nameservers?A : Nameservers are records store on domain names to specify to which server the domain name is pointing.

Q : What domain extensions does Oryx Domains offer?A : .NA / .COM.NA / .CO.NA / .EDU.NA / .ORG.NA / .NET.NA / .ALT.NA

Q : What happens when I do not pay for the renewal of my domain name?A : Your domain name will expire and eventually be registerable by someone else again.

Q : What is an EPP/Authorization Key?A : It is a key provided by a losing registrar in order for a gaining registrar to complete a domain transfer.

Q : What payment methods does Oryx Domains offer/accept?A : We accept EFT payments only at this stage. No cheques or cash accepted.

Q : Will I be able to change my domain name's nameservers?A : Yes. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your change request.

Q : Will I be able to change the contact information on my domain name?A : Yes. Simply send an email to [email protected] with your change request.

Q : Will I be able to purchase identity protection with my domain name?A : Unfortunately .NA domain names do not offer identity protection of any kind.

Our help section is still in a work in progress, but we are very quick to reply via e-mail. If you are stuck, contact us.